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After viewing the sporting facilities at Mount Gambier, the Port Lincoln City Council decided to investigate the possibility of creating such a centre a the ‘run down’ Ravendale Ovals. The only permanent sporting club at Ravendale was The Port Lincoln Hockey Association. Although the ovals were used for football, cricket and by the Show Society
Ideas were thrown about, and expressions of interest were sort. The Hockey Association wanted to improve their facilities, but needed a partner to create a social club building. The Tasman Football Club was looking at ways to ensure it’s future and had it’s clubrooms on the market to consolidate their finances. Tasmans jumped at the chance to be involved in the new project and looked forward to having clubrooms situated at an oval for the first time.
A steering committee was formed by The Port Lincoln Hockey Association and The Tasman Football Club with it’s first official meeting being held on the 14th October, 2002. Within three months The Ravendale Community Sports Centre was formed and work began in earnest to get the project under way.
Despite many stumbling blocks, everything went ahead and the premises opened on the 2nd June, 2006 with the financial assistance of the Federal, State and Local government authorities.

The Tasman Football Club was formed at it’s 1st Annual General Meeting on the 31st March 1946 with the main people behind the formation being Arch Patterson, Jim Kennedy and Max Harvey.
The first game was played on the 27th April 1946, when the ‘A’ Grade played Waybacks and won.
The club has continued on from this time, through the good times and the bad, winning 9 ‘A’ Grade Finals, 11 ‘B’ Grade Grand Finals and numerous junior grade finals.
The clubrooms started as a tin shed on New West Road in 1958, with a brick facade, new toilets and a bar added to the rear in 1968. Major renovations were completed in 1978. The building was constructed so that a second floor could be added within the next ten years. This did not happen!
The Club currently fields teams in the Under 9, Under 11, Under 13, Under 15, Under 17, Reserves and ‘A’ Grades in the Port Lincoln Football League.


The Port Lincoln Hockey Association was formed in 1965 with a Men’s team, which competed against three High School teams, Marauders, Flinders and Panthers, which had been formed at the High School in 1964 by Mr Hannaford.
In 1967 it was decided that for the competition to be even the men would be divided amongst the boys teams. The outcome of this was a formation or a new team called Wanderers.
Hockey moved from the High School to Ravendale in 1974 and had a small green shed as its clubhouse, the new Ravendale Community Sports Centre today stands where the shed stood.
In 1977 the Port Lincoln Women’s Hockey club, which had been running for many years joined the Men’s association.
The Association today has four clubs which each field Hockey 11s, Under 13, Under 16 Boys, Under 16 Girls, Women’s A and B and Men’s A and B grades. We also run a Minkey program with children as young as 5 being able to try hockey in a fun atmosphere.
The Association has had some very talented players who have represented Port Lincoln in many teams at State and State Country level and with a world class facility look forward to many more young people being able reach their full potential in the sport.

Photos provided by Greg Williams of LCC
<see bigger photos of the construction of the building>